want to collaborate?

J-Hy is short for Jan Hyland. I am J-Hy and J-Hy is me. But that doesn’t mean I work alone. 

Most clients hire me to provide communications counsel and serve as their press secretary. I become part of their communications team. 

My core competencies include:

  • communications strategy, planning and implementation
  • message and content development
  • media relations
  • grassroots/ally engagement

When there is an additional skill set needed, I collaborate with trusted colleagues and service providers. 

I sometimes work on small projects. Other times, I work on multi-disciplined public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns that involve pollsters, ad agencies, grassroots firms, and dog trainers*.

*I just tossed that in to see if you were still reading. I have yet to work on a campaign that involved dog trainers, but I do need a good one for my neurotic beagle mutt, Chloe. PM-me if you have a recommendation.

“I’m not the smartest fellow in the world,
but I can sure pick smart colleagues.” 
- Frankiln D. Roosevelt -